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Less Travel

Offsite training has value, but why settle for a swag bag and a few business cards when the ability to assess progress and a true level of understanding exists.

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Verified Results

Course participants can be required to complete assignments and course projects to show that they fully comprehend all of the required concepts.

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Keep Working

While nothing can potentially cost you more than untrained staff, having your most valuable team members away for even a day cuts into your profits.

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Courses for Everyone

Whether it's on the road, in the lab, or on top of some heavy equipment with a large computerised panel, we have enough variety to help anyone get ahead of the curve in the asphalt industry.

Currently there is just one nominal fee for total access to all course material on a lifetime basis

This is because we want students to have full freedom to expand their knowledge as they see fit, even if sponsoring employers require that they only complete certain courses. 

Bridge the Gaps of Understanding

It can be extremely frustrating for any supervisor to explain the most rudimentary tasks to a new worker.

However, it is quite possible that the civil engineer feels the same way about the supervisor.

Wouldn't it be great to get everyone on the same page?

You may not turn your distributor operator into an civil engineer, but you'll have to agree that an informed workforce can also be a more motivated team to work with.

Motivate and Elevate

If people don't understand what a good job truly is, they can't begin to have pride in knowing they've done their very best.

People naturally wish to be the best at what they do, regardless of what that is.

When they aspire to do more, you need to provide the tools which allow them to do just that.

Otherwise you can continue to expect a high turnover rate of disgruntled, ineffective workers which cost a great deal to replace and retrain.

When people ask "What happens if I train someone and they leave?" I reply "What happens if you don't train someone and they stay?" Ignorance is always a recipe for disaster.

Take a short quiz to see how well you understand the basics.

Just remember that it's a big industry and you may only be working in a small part of it. Our goal is to not only make you a big fish in a small pond, but ensure that you are able to survive and compete in open waters.