Price per student for full access to the already extensive and growing platform of organized tutorials and hidden gem resources.

The current one-time registration fee is currently just $365 pp - which grants any one person lifetime access to all existing and future standard courses consisting of a least 400 lessons and full access to seemingly endless hours of curated videos and links to a multitude of other valuable resources. *

(subject to change at any time)

* Some specialty courses may be introduced at a future date that require additional payment to acquire. None currently exist as of July 2020.

I do not anticipate this to happen until I receive requests from other course developers wishing to have their material appear on this platform.

No Recurring Costs

This is not a recurring annual cost, so if you plan to nurture staff throughout their career at your firm, it works out to far less than $1/day.

You can consider this minor expense to be a "once and done" investment in your staff's ability to continue to grow, learn, advance and prosper.

Not only will you and your employees have access to all of the valuable information available now, and in the future, but every participant from around the world will have the opportunity to join an exclusive online commmunity of like-minded individuals who will have the opportunity to share experiential knowledge with each other in a non-competitive manner.

Missing a Trade Show Shouldn't Prevent Training

Most business owners will quickly see that this educational opportunity is roughly the same cost as a couple of 90-minute trade show presentions, not including the cost of airfare, meals and accommodation.

Conventions and trade shows are fun, and a great way to meet new friends, but they aren't always known for the retention of useable and workforce shareable information.

ie. Did your participating employee give an accurate presentation upon their return, to workers who could not attend, such that everyone shared in, and learned more from, the knowledge you paid to obtain for just that one person?

Don't feel bad. The answer will almost always be no.

Knowledge that isn't shared is knowledge that is ultimately lost.

Make your mark on the industry by sharing what you know.

It's Extremely Affordable

If you plan to keep and invest in any employee for at least ten years, then the cost of this learning platform works out to just ten cents a day/employee, even at its highest individual rate.

If this was a yearly subscription, which it perhaps should and may soon be, one has to wonder why any employer or human resources director would not want to invest a dollar a day right now to ensure that their staff has a competitive edge.

Motivation through Education

Still on the fence? Just imagine how many potential insurance-related risks you can mitigate by providing proof that you took steps to properly train your entire organization on safety related topics.

Buy it now and then enforce training during the winter months so that your staff returns smarter each Spring.

Reward high marks and course completion! Promote those that show initiative.

Satisfaction guaranteed refund policy

Regardless of whether you are one person, or a company seeking to educate hundreds of workers, we offer a 100% refund policy on all standard platform course purchases provided we recieve such a request within 30 days of the date of purchase.

We are fully confident that you will find the platform provides so much valuable information that you will want to continue learning at your own pace, for many years to come.

We also believe that no one could possibly view, assess, absorb or fully comprehend all of the currently compiled data in just one month.

Plus, the platform will continue to grow as more courses and lessons are released from their draft form and those that are are viewable continue to be updated, edited and enhanced.

Group and Educational Discounts

Currently the tiered corporate or educational discount rate is:

  • $300 pp - five people for $1.5k
  • $200 pp - ten people for $2k
  • $150 pp - twenty people for $3k
  • $100 pp - forty people for $4k
  • $50 pp - 100 people for $5k (then $50 for each additional employee)
  • Students from any university or college who are enrolled in a civil engineering course, or anything related to the asphalt industry, may request access at no cost provided they apply using a valid .edu email address.

    ** To access these special rates you must first contact us at to obtain a special discount code that will be activated upon full payment.

    The amount you initially commit to, as an advance payment by most any convenient means, gives future access to up to the number of students on the tier.

    So, if you have twenty prospective students, but want to add more later next year, it would be best to pick the next tier.

    Mind you, once you pick a tier you can always continue to add students at that level, even once the early adopter base fee increases from $365 to an anticipated $799.

    I should also mention that your coupon credits are not tied to just your employees.

    You may even wish to offer course access to your customers as a promotional perk, similar to a gift basket, but far more lasting.

    You can offer it whenever you want, like at Christmas. The coupons don't expire.

    Those that lock in their course access at whatever the current rate is have a distinct advantage over those that wait for prices to rise.

    Any material posted on the platform by participants may be freely used to produce informative original content unless previously copyrighted.

    Course development shall be steered by the requests of those who participate or sponsor its growth.

    As it becomes more valuable to participants, and more expensive to produce, the cost of enrolling in the program shall continue to increase for new entrants, but your early adopter rate shall be fixed forever.

    Discount codes are available upon request and shall be apportioned depending on your particular situation and requirements (ie. students, large groups, associations, contributors).

    If you provide substantial factual data to the platform you shall obtain full course access for up to five individuals of your choice.

    Please note that all course payments shall be processed through Stripe for us as Coyote Ridge Publishing.

    If you are a company wishing to enrol more than five employees you may arrange to make payment by cheque. We can even provide you with an invoice, with your purchase order number, to make processing through your accounting department easier.

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    Less Travel

    Offsite training has value, but why settle for a swag bag and a few business cards when the ability to assess progress and a true level of understanding exists.

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    Verified Results

    Course participants can be required to complete assignments and course projects to show that they fully comprehend all of the required concepts.

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    Keep Working

    While nothing can potentially cost you more than untrained staff, having your most valuable team members away for even a day cuts into your profits.

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    Just remember that it's a big industry and you may only be working in a small part of it. Our goal is to not only make you a big fish in a small pond, but ensure that you are able to survive and compete in open waters.